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Dave Ferguson

Dave Ferguson

Dave Ferguson is an internationally respected executive coach, speaker, and author, in the areas of leadership, sales, and personal development.

Prior to launching his coaching and speaking business in 2006, Dave served 21 years as a corporate leader in Fortune 500 banking, real estate, and investment companies. During this time, he engaged his no-nonsense leadership approach to coach, mentor, and develop leaders at all levels.

As a corporate leader turned corporate coach, Dave’s experience uniquely qualifies him to not only coach and support leaders and their teams, but to truly understand their distinct challenges.

In his signature direct, yet highly connective style, Dave helps business owners, executives, top management leaders, and political leaders transform how they communicate, connect, and grow in their leadership roles.

Dave will challenge your team to make intentional choices that leverage their professional development, inspire them to become better leaders, and demonstrate ways they can cultivate and apply their skills. His mission is to equip bosses in becoming leaders, and leaders in creating their legacies.

Dave Ferguson will challenge, inspire, and energize your organizational leaders to gain greater influence and lead to higher levels.

Heidi Hansen

Heidi Hansen

Heidi Hansen provides personalized and custom tailored corporate training, facilitation, and coaching to clients in the United States and Europe.

Over the past two decades, Heidi has built a distinguished reputation for empowering individuals to exceed their performance expectations by enhancing their sales, supervisory, and management communication skills.

Heidi offers a unique program set for improving interpersonal skills tailored for introverts in middle and executive management.
She is multi-lingual, with over two decades of corporate training and adult education experience specializing in developing face-to-face networking and facilitating career growth for business professionals.

Heidi's professional training programs include mentoring employee development, conducting difficult conversations, speaking with confidence, leadership self-awareness, professional staff development, and delivering staff evaluations.

She is a frequent speaker and subject matter expert for corporate, educational, and philanthropic organizations focused on personnel empowerment and job enrichment; and serves on the boards and leadership teams of several organizations in the Charlotte, North Carolina area.

As a team, Dave Ferguson and Heidi Hansen provide a powerful program for personal and professional growth...that gets results!



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