Dave Ferguson

I was in the audience that day...

Nick Vujicic was speaking. He asked the audience to write down the one thing that was keeping them from reaching their goals.

The audience took out their pens and quickly began writing.

Then Nick asked for volunteers to share those things they felt were holding them back in life.

“Not enough resources,” said one.

“No time,” said yet another.

“Fear of failure,” said another.

And the list continued.

  • Not enough time? 
  • Not enough RESOURCES?
  • Not enough education? 
  • Not enough help?
  • Too much fear?
  • Too many responsibilities?

We are here to help you...
Break Through Those Limitations!

Dave Ferguson

Dave Ferguson

Executive Coach Heidi Hansen and I are partnering to provide a year-long coaching and mentoring program geared toward helping you overcome your limitations and finally begin to realize goals you never thought possible. Heidi is recognized as one of the top 10 corporate trainers in Charlotte, North Carolina. As a DISC certified trainer, she specializes in helping leaders and teams learn their strengths and apply them where they most benefit themselves and their organizations. She is also Franklin Covey certified and shares my philosophies for living by priorities and plan. Together, we are committed to helping you get real results in the next year.

Heidi Hansen

Heidi Hansen

The Living to Lead Mentorship Program is for you if...

  • You sense there is something more you want to accomplish in your life or career, but you just can’t seem to get there.
  • You’ve reached a plateau and are ready for a new level of growth in some area of your life or business.
  • You need support, encouragement, and accountability to get to the next level because something between your ears is holding you back.
  • You have ideas and would like to get honest feedback from an objective coach or mastermind group.
  • You have been so focused on climbing the corporate ladder that you have failed to climb your own distinct leader’s ladder.
  • You spend your days focused on growing your team and growing the bottom line, but long for a chance to grow yourself into who you know you can be.
  • You want your team to grow along with you to a higher level of leadership - where each member performs at their best, and the entire team achieves measurably greater success.

The Living to Lead Mentorship Program gives you access to…

…not just one coach, but TWO highly-qualified coaches who have worked with successful clients all over the world to grow and get results they have not thought possible.

It provides a great entry point for coaching and mentoring. It’s enough to get you started in the right direction – to help you define your goals, both personally and professionally, and get a quick start toward your own personal success in new and exciting ways.

Why do you need a Mentor?


Regional Project Manager

"When looking to improve my business results, there was only one person to call..."

When looking to improve my business results, there was only one person to call, Dave Ferguson. Dave has extensive experience in helping people achieve beyond what they think they are capable of accomplishing. He consistently challenges me, and his coaching approach is unique and successful. He took time to understand my business and professional challenges and has helped me develop a plan to continuously improve as a person and a business owner. Dave is considered an extended part of our team here at my agency.

With the Living to Lead Mentorship Program, you get TWO coaches and mentors.

Dave and Heidi each bring uniquely qualified experiences and skills to help you on your journey and, together, they pack a powerful one-two punch of motivation and accountability.

This powerful duo will help you on your way to becoming a better YOU in ways you never thought possible. This could translate to a higher salary, business growth, improved health, deeper relationships – whatever being your best YOU can accomplish - that is what is out there for you.

What is included in the Living to Lead Mentorship Program? 

  • Live Monthly Group Coaching and Mentoring Calls for 12 months (90 minutes each) with not just one, but two, highly credentialed, in-demand coaches.
  • Each call includes a powerful lesson on personal and professional development along with an “Ask the Coaches” segment where you can ask your questions and get specialized help with your personal and professional goals.
  • Exclusive access to the Living to Lead private mentoring group on Facebook, where you can post questions and get feedback anytime.
  • Weekly Leadership articles to equip you on your journey.

Dr. John Verrier

Chairman, Anderman & Company Ltd

"Heidi has provided high level consultancy services to our organisation..."

Heidi has provided high level consultancy services to our organisation in areas of people development, training, and recruitment; and has proved a great asset in doing so. She has also acted as advisor to myself (CEO) on a number of strategic issues facing the business in terms of long term growth.

Here is a sample of what you will experience...

Session 1: How to REALLY Get Out of Your Comfort Zone, Not Just Talk About It

In the past, you may have said you were going to do something. You may have even started off in the right direction. But somewhere along the line, you got a little too close to the boundaries of your comfort zone, and stopped short of crossing over. At that point, you exchanged fulfillment for the familiar, and it feels like failure.

The good news is, you get another chance. Only this time, you have help to go farther than you ever have before.

In this session, Dave and Heidi share the top reasons most fall short of reaching beyond their comfort zone, help you identify what holds you and your team back, and work with you to develop your own customized plan for finally getting beyond the boundary and to your goal. Beyond the plan, they will be there to help you carry it out. No retreat. No return. Not this time. This time, you have a plan, and you have a team who won’t let you give up on you! 

You Get...

12 coaching calls

12 live coaching and mentoring calls (18 hours of coaching) with 2 highly successful, in-demand executive coaches


exclusive access to the Living to Lead private Facebook group...

All for just $399

But that's not all!
A FREE 30-minute coaching session with Heidi or Dave ($250 bonus) (first 10 registrants)
FREE copy of Dave's international best-selling book, Boss or Leader

will you make this THE YEAR YOU BREAK THROUGH?

Starts January 9, 2018

Special Team and Corporate Rate

Corporate rate available for teams of 5 or more.

This gives you leadership coaching and mentoring for your entire team for one year.

For team and corporate rate, click here to contact Dave Ferguson.

Still not sure if the Living to Lead Mentorship Program is right for you?

If you've gotten this far, it's because there is something in you that makes you want to get to the next level. I invite you to contact me personally with any questions you have about the program. Click here to contact me. - Dave Ferguson

P.S.: If you are interested in the program, be sure to sign up today in order receive the bonuses shown above. Free one-to-one coaching sessions are limited to the first 10 registrants

will you make this THE YEAR YOU BREAK THROUGH?

Starts January 9, 2018

Special Team and Corporate Rate

Corporate rate available for teams of 5 or more.

This gives you leadership coaching and mentoring for your entire team for one year.

For team and corporate rate, click here to contact Dave Ferguson.

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