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Looking for a valuable personal leadership ​development resource ​and team training tool?

Boss or Leader | Lead and Learn

You’ve heard of Lunch and Learns and masterminds. This is a "Lead and Learn", an affordable, easy-to-use tool you can use to conduct in-house leadership training and masterminds with your team or groups of any size. It is also an affordable tool you can use for your own personal leadership development.

Designed as a 16-week​ course, it offers major impact for just $100 per person!

Boss or Leader by Dave Ferguson

You will learn...

  • The differences between a boss and a leader 
  • How you and your team can be highly effective and get real results 
  • How to identify obstacles that are impeding your success
  • How to get past those obstacles
  • The importance of developing the right strategy
  • How to create your own individual leadership creed
  • How to gain influence as a leader

The format will generate productive and genuine discussion around the topics of leadership, team building, decision making, dealing with people and issues, and reaching higher levels of productivity.

It is designed as a grab and go tool kit that allows you to facilitate the training yourself...or you can further develop your leaders by assigning one of them to facilitate each lesson. It can also be used as a self-study guide. Simply read the chapter and follow the guidelines for each discussion.

What is Included?

Each participant will receive...

Boss or Leader by Dave Ferguson

A copy of Boss or Leader, the best-selling leadership book by Dave Ferguson

A full color workbook, including 16 lessons and worksheets for each lesson

The Boss or Leader Matrix, a reference guide for best leadership practices

For Information and Pricing

Orders will be shipped directly to you. Just enter ​the number of kits you need, and your Boss or Leader | Lead and Learn tool kit will be on its way! Easy...and affordable.

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